Studio Hundert


Jänner 2018

Jetzt gibt es krass was auf die Ohren!!!

Wir präsentieren "Ascheland" die erste Auskoppelung aus dem im März erscheinenden Album von Richthammer

Death Metal at its finest! 

Produced by Jay Hundert at Studio Hundert
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Jay Hundert




 Dezember 2018


We are so proud to present you our new song and video. DAP!

Enjoy some fresh tunes tonight and share it with your friends! 
And stay tuned there is more up to come in the next weeks


Recorded at Studio Hundert 



Oktober 2018 


A great Video by 

Friedl Kolar & Friends: The Lost “ÄSMO” TÄps

Soundtrack by Sempre Caoz 

Produced by Jay Hundert at Studio Hundert 


Friedl Kolar & Friends: The Lost "ÄSMO" TÄps from Ästhetiker on Vimeo.





July 2017


Bob Cat with their latest Single "Lost Fortune" 



Produced by Jay Hundert at Studio Hundert 

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April 2017





March 2017


We proudly announce the 2017 Liquid Steel Tour! 



Februar 2017

Today is the day! Our Common Dedication Tour starts in St. Pölten and the Album is finally in the stores! Get it and listen loud 


Produced by Jay Hundert at Studio Hundert