Christophon - Pre-Listening

Hey there!


Christophon is sharing his music with you and gives you exclusive infos about his songs. Check out his Track "Forget It" right here!




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Christophon - Start of Rehearsals...


As the first concert bookings are coming in, we (Christophon, Jay Hundert and Luke) started to rehearse for live shows. 



Tracklist so far:

Take Your Chance

Live & Learn

Forget It

Take A Step


One Hour



Jay Hundert

White Miles back @ Studio Hundert

So guys, the MAYHEMS are back @ Studio Hundert to record another 8 Tracks to the 5 we already have in the pocket for a FULL SIZE, Extra Large debute Album. 


Right now we are in PrePro, working on Song-ideas…


Christophon - Live & Learn - Video


wanna see how my buddy Christophon and me recorded the EP "A Hundred Roads No.1"? Then, check out this Video and get a glimpse of Studio Hundert, Christophon and Jay Hundert at work...



Song by: Christophon

Produced by: Jay…