MusicBusiness - Physical Distribution vs Digital Distribution

Hier ein kleines Essay über die Vor- und Nachteile von digitalen und physikalischen Vertriebsarten. 
Vor ein paar Jahren war es Indie-Künstlern so gut wie unmöglich ihre CDs ohne Label zu vertreiben. Erstens fehlte die Kohle für die gesamte Produktion und falls man das doch irgendwie hinbekommen hat, fehlte der Kontakt zum Vertrieb. 
Heutzutage braucht man kein großes Budget mehr um die eigenen Songs zu veröffentlichen. Es gibt auch günstige Wege um die eigene Musik weltweit (digital) zu veröffentlichen - der Hacken an der Sache ist:
Es wird zu viel KACKE veröffentlich und was man sich an den physikalischen Kosten (Pressen, Verpackung, Lieferung...) spart, muss man heut zu Tage ins Marketing stecken um aus der Masse heraus zu stechen. 

Pros of physical Distribution 
  • With a physical CD or LP you can express your art further by putting more thought into the artwork, materials and packaging of the CD 
  • As physical copies are not cheap, it is more likely that artists put more effort into their songs = better product 
  • Physical is the way to sell "Special Editions". I think it is not enough to add more music to a digital "Special Edition" the magic is in the additional physical and limited content 
  • Collectors and second hand market - I can not think of any way that a digital release can become a collectors item. 
  • There is still a large market for physical releases - not everybody buys digital
Cons of physical Distribution 
  • Digital distribution is a lot cheaper 
  • Customer does not have instant access to the music
  • It is very hard to find a physical distributor if you are a new artist or indie act 
  • Artists and Labels have to worry about returns and packaging rip-offs
  • The majority of consumers is shifting or has already shifted to buying digitally
I think most music, films, games, books and magazines will be sold digitally. But there will still be an important customer base that wants to buy physical. I can not imagine a merchandise booth at a concert without CD´s and LP´s. As already mentioned, I think the key to sell physical is in selling premium and limited editions. 
In short:
Jay Hundert

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